The Wouxun KG-UV950P ​​is a new 2-wave radio

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The Wouxun KG-UV950P ​​is a new 2-wave radio / frequency base that is packed with a plethora of unbelievable features. This powerful radio delivers 40 watts UHF power and 50 watts 50 watts for peak power and range, with very low cost!

The KG-UV950P ​​has 999 memory channels, CTCSS and DSC encoders / decoders, DTMF encoding / decoding, priority channel scanning, and dual-band reception. You can choose wide or narrow bandwidth (25KHz / 12.5KHz) at the push of a button and select your output power level to high, medium or low for best transmission.

Need more energy? How about amateur radio frequency allocations for starters. That’s just the beginning. The true power of the UV950P ​​lies in its versatility. The new Wouxun ​​is not just a two-way radio, a full duplex duplexer! Choose from five repeater settings – Normal radio mode, cross-band repeater mode, two-wire repeater mode, receiver receive mode or two-way cross-band relay mode. You can connect two KG-UV950P ​​radios with a 15-feet extension cable or a microphone connection cable. (Included) to create your own repetition! Now is the force!

Impress? The KG-UV950P ​​features two speakers mounted right on the chassis with multiple speaker setups, as well as speakers built into the DTMF hand-held microphone to give you the choice of speakers. Three machines!

But wait there. All standard features of the mobile station / Wouxun base are available, such as a built-in 76-108 MHz FM radio, 1750Hz voice input, station name and display editing, group calling, 8 group scrambler, low noise, impulse, stun and Kill function, reduce audio settings, remote control settings, and built-in cooling fan. All this is a standard issue in this model.

That’s not all. The popular KG-UV920P Dual Frequency LCD display, including the KG-UV950P, is available in three colors, in blue, green or white. Backlight button on the front panel allows you to see in the dark. A full-on, hand-held backlit microphone lets you use the menu.

Front panel can be customized! KG UV950P ​​has two circuit boards to suit your installation. Choose from a top-mounted panel or a flat panel for mounting in your car. The front panel is removable and can be moved separately from the radio cradle. The 15-foot extension allows you to install anywhere in your car so you can carry it wherever you go.

The KG-UV950P ​​can also be powered by the Wouxun SPS30WIN Power Supply to turn quad band receivers into full quad base stations!

Wouxun KG-UV950P ​​comes with hand-held microphone, tilt console, flat panel, flat board, mobile phone holder, front panel, remote, power cord, extension cord, 15-feet, microphone hook, fuse hand, screw set, using One year warranty from Wouxun