8 Advice for Cordless Phone Batteries


If you are concerned in changing your battery for cordless phone, this article will explain the diverse tips of doing so. There are many different types of batteries for different cordless phones, and this include the GE cordless phone batteries, Motorola cordless phone batteries, Uniden cordless phone batteries and even Vtech cordless phone batteries. Due to the wide accessibility of online and retail stores, it should be easy for you to buy the respective battery for your cordless phone if you are going to change it. Here are the tips to follow:

  • You should let your current battery to fully use up all its power to operate your cordless phone. Thus, you will not experience redundant charging of the battery, as it can affect the battery life.
  • You should look out for the area where you place your cordless phone battery and then take out the battery. You should display caution so as to avoid the battery’s wires from breaking.
  • After that, you should take out the battery device, which is linked to the cordless phone.
  • You should then take note of the specific details of the battery such as the brand and the code number.
  • You should then bring this dead battery to any cordless phone retail shop and require advance information with regards to the buying of a substitute battery. The salesman will probably introduce you some other brands other than your original model of the battery. These other brands include the GE, NI-MH, AT&T 5038 and even Philips. All these brands are also very popular among many consumers. The batteries of these brands often range between $6.29 and $16.95. Therefore, you can consider about your buying determination if to bargain any of these batteries to replace your cordless phone battery.
  • Alternatively, you can also visit online retail stores that specialize in the sale of these cordless phone batteries. In addition, these websites also list useful and clear information about what type of battery is suitable for what brand of cordless phone. So, you can just view these details and then decide on which limited brand of battery to buy for your cordless phone.

  • After you have bought the battery, then you can insert the new one into your cordless phone. You have to ensure that everything is in place and fits nicely.
  • You should then put back the battery lid and then charge your freshly bought battery. You should take note that you have to charge this new battery fully, as this battery is totally brand new and does not have any power to operate the cordless phone. This charging will take up certain length of time.

There are the various tips for you to change the battery for cordless phone.

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